Keys locked inside you car or van? Do not panic we can get your vehicle unlocked.

We use non-destructive entry techniques which allow us to unlock any vehicle without any damage. You'll be in your car and on your way again in no time.

With many cars,this job often takes only seconds. Some vehicles take longer to unlock but we are confident enough to guarantee that the cost will be low.

We treat vehicle lock outs with urgency and aim to arrive at any vehicle within our area  in no more than 45 minutes.

Just contact our engineer with details of the vehicles location. He will confirm an ETA and be on his way to help you right away. 

If you need a locksmith you’re already having a bad day – don’t make it worse by calling an amateur! Call us now

We use the latest techniques and the best specialist equipment to ensure we get in to your vehicle quickly and without damage.

We can provide spare or replacement car keys, even if the old ones are broken, bent or worn out – or even lost. Just as important, we can do programming of your old fob to prevent theft.

If you’re still not sure we the best ones to help you then call us to discuss – our advice costs nothing and if we can help you over the phone we will. If we can’t help you over the phone we’ll give you an estimate on the likely work/costs and rest assured we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Call us now to be sure of a reliable service to the highest standards possible. 

We have a response time of 30 minutes so you are rest assured when you call us we won't be long!

We may ask for your registration to speed the process up to get codes ect to make your new car key.

Swindon Locksmiths

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